Christmas Range - Candles

Christmas Range - Candles

Scented candles evoke memories, create a welcoming environment and are the perfect gift for friends and family or ideal for a me-to-me treat.


This year Christmas scents include Festive Fig and Snowberry, Orange and Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Winter's Evening. All in 3 different sizes.

  • 10cl single wick, white tins
  • 50cl double wick, white tins
  • 75cl triple wick, glass jar


Festive Fig and Snowberry starts with the fruity notes of plump figs, followed by the fusion of bayberry and snowberry, enlivened by peppery hints. All of this is embraced with cedarwood, other fruity notes and aromatic nusances.


Orange and Cinnamon is a more traditional Christmas scent. Spicy fragrance with sweet citrus notes of orange and tangerine leading to the spices scents of cinnamon, ginger and clove.


Gingerbread has a spicy warm aroma, rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar, if you have ever made gingerbread men or a gingerbread house, you will know this scent.


Winter's Evening is a winter indulgence. Soft festive spices of cinnamon and clove, with full notes of winter flowers of jasmine, violet and rose and warmth aroms of saffron, woods, cashmere and creamy vanilla.


  • Made in small batches to ensure high quality
  • Hand crafted and poured in Essex/ Cambridge
  • 100% soy wax
  •  Vegan friendly
  • Paraffin and phathalate free

    • Burn time:
      • 10cl - 10 hours
      • 50cl - 50 hours
      • 75cl - 75 hours

    These few tips and tricks should help your candle burn the most efficently:

    • Trim Your Wick
      • Trim your wick to around 5mm as this makes for a cleaner burn aswell as avoiding smokey candle jars.
    • Burning Times
      • On your first burn, allow your candle to burn to the edge of the glass so all the wax is melted. This helps prevent tunnelling to occur.
      • For 30cl candles, burn your candle for 2-3 hours each time. This helps the candle jar from overheating.
    • Extra Info:
      •  We use natural products so there may be some discolouring from the oils.
      • If you do get any soot marks on your jar, you can simply wipe away with a damp cloth.

    We send all our items second class, so please allow 3-5 days delivery on top of my turnaround of 3-5 days.


    Any special requests, please get in touch.


    We are hoping no-one will need to visit this section..

    But if your parcel go missing then after 10 working days, of course we will be happy to replace your item free of charge.

    If you receive your order and the items are damaged, please send across a photo then there are a few options:

    • Return the item and we will then replace the damaged item.
    • You can return the item for a full refund.
    • You keep the damaged item and we can give you a one off dicount code to use on your next order.

    Please note:

    • Please ensure you enter your contact details and address correctly when placing an order.
    • If orders are delivered to the wrong address due to an error in the details given, then a refund will not be issued and we cannot replace the products.
    • We will always be happy to help where we can i.e. if you realise straight away then do message me!